Custom Made Cabinets for Your Home

The Leading Cabinet Makers in Perth

M&M Cabinets’ extensive experience in cabinetry, makes them the leading choice for cabinet makers in Perth.

We have worked with homeowners across Perth, meeting them halfway to reinvigorate and remodel their kitchens with unique cabinet designs. Our success has been determined by our ability to translate your preferences into design finishes that match your sense of style.

  • Our focus is always on quality, style and functionality.

Cabinets are more than just cupboards with drawers or shelves for storing your kitchenware; they are the focal point of your kitchen. They play the vital role of giving your kitchen an overall look and feel showcasing your personality. More importantly, they need to have a robust design to ensure that they last. This is where custom-made cabinets trump their mass-produced counterparts, because they are built for a specific use, feel and style. Contact us today to find out more about custom-made cabinets.

The benefits of custom-built cabinets

Custom cabinet designs are rarely as inexpensive as their stock counterparts but they do offer considerable value for money, particularly in the long term. When you consider all the benefits taking the tailor-made route offers, it becomes clear why so many clients choose this way for their cabinets.

  • Built to last

These fixtures and fittings are made by passionate custom cabinet makers who treat their work as a craft. Unlike what may happen on the assembly line; each detail is carefully observed and the utmost care is taken to ensure your furniture stands the test of time.

  • Your choice

There is no confusion or disappointment as your input has been considered and is combined with the expertise of experienced craftsmen.

  • Built to fit

If you’re considering made-to-measure cabinetry, the chances are you might have an unusual or eccentrically laid out kitchen. If that is the case, then custom kitchen cabinets are your solution as they will be made to suit your kitchen layout. By comparison, stock cabinetry is designed solely for stock kitchen sizes and you’ll end up with unnecessary space.

  • It’s the green option

There is no telling how or where stock cabinetry has been sourced, but working with a custom cabinet maker gives you unique insight into how it is sourced.

Why choose us?

Your kitchen is the heartbeat of your home. It warrants the detailed attention and care that can’t be mass produced or bulk ordered. Make sure your kitchen represents your personality, style and taste at an affordable rate that doesn’t break the bank. Choosing M & M Cabinets ensures you depend on:

  • A team boasting over 30 years combined experience
  • Qualified cabinet makers, installers, tilers and stonemasons
  • Tailor-made finishes that are guided by your preferences
  • Hassle-free removal of old cabinets, appliances and debris
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